Scottsdale Menu

Lunch Combinations

Lighter portions of our most popular entrees served with Soup of the Day or salad, crab puff, vegetable roll and steamed rice.

(Take-out does not include soup and salad)

Served from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

* Indicates hot and spicy


Citrus Chicken - $8.95

*General Yang's Chicken - $8.95

Mu Goo Gai Pan - $8.95

Orange Chicken - $8.95

Chicken with Vegetables - $8.95

Teriyaki Chicken - $8.95

*Thai Curry Chicken - $8.95

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - $8.95

*Kung Pao Chicken - $8.95

*Thai Spicy Basil Chicken - $8.95

Miona's Special Chicken - $8.95



Beef with Broccoli - $8.95

Mongolian Beef - $8.95

*Sauteed Spicy Beef - $8.95

*Orange Beef - $8.95


Sweet & Sour Pork - $8.95

Pork with String Beans - $8.95

BBQ Pork with Vegetables - $8.95

*Firecracker Spicy Pork - $8.95


(Does not include salad, crab puff, vegetable roll, lo mein, or steamed rice.)

Chicken Chow Mein - $8.95

Pork Chow Mein - $8.95

Beef Chow Mein - $8.95

Shrimp Chow Mein - $9.95

Pad Thai - $8.95


Banana & Chocolate Rolls - $4.50

Banana & chocolate rolled in a pastry wrap and fried

Asian Ice Cream - $3.50

All natural flavors: Green Tea, Mango, Coconut or Red Bean


Shrimp with Honey Glazed Walnuts - $9.95

Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce - $9.95

*Thai Curry Shrimp - $9.95

*Firecracker Spicy Shrimp - $9.95

*Festival Shrimp - $9.95


Szechwan String Beans - $8.95

Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts - $8.95

Tofu with Vegetables - $8.95

*Spicy Eggplant - $8.95


(Does not include soup, crab puff, vegetable roll & steamed rice)

House Salad - $9.95

House Salad with Grilled Chicken - $10.95

*Gramma's Salad - $8.95

Fried Rice

Fried Rice - $10.50

With Pork or Beef or Chicken

House Fried Rice - $11.50

With Chicken, Shrimp, & Pork

Spinach Fried Rice - $10.50

With fresh spinach

Shrimp Fried Rice - $10.50

Curry Fried Rice - $10.50

Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetable with Bell Peppers

*Spicy Fried Rice - $10.50

With Chicken & Chili Sauce

Egg or Vegetable Fried Rice - $9.50

Egg fried rice

Vegetables & Tofu

Asian Vegetable Delight - $9.95

Seasoned Asian vegetables in a garlic brown sauce

Szechwan String Beans - $9.95

Stir fried with ginger & garlic sauce

Spinach and Garlic - $9.95

Fresh spinach stir fried with garlic

Baby Bok Choy with Asian Mushrooms - $9.95

Dry mushrooms & baby bok choy in a white sauce

*Ma Po Tofu - $10.95

Fresh tofu simmered with minced pork in a spicy sauce

Tofu Oyster Sauce - $9.95

Asian tofu with a sweet oyster sauce on a bed of broccoli

Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts - $9.95

In wine & garlic sauce

*Spicy Tofu with Asian Vegetables - $9.95

Asian tofu sauteed with vegetables in a garlic & chili sauce

*Spicy Egg Plant  - $9.95

Asian eggplant simmered in garlic & chili sauce



New York Style Eggrolls (1 Roll) - $3.50

Shrimp and Pork

Crab Puffs (6 pieces) - $6.95

Won Ton filled with imitation crab meat & cream cheese

Vegetable Spring Rolls (2 Rolls) - $2.95

Stuffed with vegetables

Pork Spring Roll (1 roll) - $2.95

Stuffed with pork and silver thread noodles

Baked Scallop & Crab Meat - $5.95

Seasoned scallop & crab meat baked in half shell

Shrimp Roll (1 Roll) - $4.50

Stuffed with shrimp

Chicken or Veggie Lettuce Wrap - $9.95

Minced chicken or mixed vegetables with water chestnuts, mushrooms & lettuce

Hong Kong Style Ribs (4 pieces) - $10.50

Pork ribs roasted with Cantonese BBQ sauce

Pot Stickers (6 pieces) - $8.95

Minced pork with vegetables in a crescent wrap & pan fried

George's Seafood Pocket - $11.50

Pan fried scallion pancake stuffed with shrimp, crab meat, scallops & shallots (House Specialty)

BBQ Roast Pork - $9.95

Slow roasted pork in our own special BBQ sauce

*Spicy Crackling Calamari - $10.50

Calamari tossed with bell peppers, onion slices & carrots in a spicy sauce


House Special Salad - $9.95

Lettuce drizzled with George's special almond sesame cranberry with a touch of honey vinaigrette dressing 

(Add grilled chicken for $1 extra)

*Gramma's Salad - $9.95

Shredded cabbage with pork or chicken in a hot & spicy dressing. World famous - our own creation!


Won Ton Soup with Spinach & BBQ Pork - $4.50 for 1

Hong Kong style won ton in chicken broth

Sizzling Rice Soup - $4.50 for 1

Pork, shrimp & vegetables with rice crackers on top

Egg Drop Soup - $4.00 for 1

Wispy beaten eggs in a flavorful chicken broth

Tofu/Vegetable Soup - $4.00 for 1

Fresh tofu with vegetables in a clear broth

*Tom Yum Thai Soup - $4.50 for 1

Chicken, shrimp, mushrooms & tomatoes seasoned with exotic Thai Herbs

*Hot and Sour Soup - $4.50 for 1

Szechwan classic with pork & shrimp

House Specialties

Shrimp Miona - $15.50

Miona's own creation! A unique blend of sweet & pungent with a hint of spice

Salt & Pepper Shrimp - $15.50

A quick wok shrimp sprinkled with salt & pepper

Tres Amigos - $15.50

A trio of shrimp, chicken & beef stir-fried with vegetables in brown sauce

House Special Steak - $22.00

New York Strip or Rib Eye (approx. 10oz) prepared Asian style with assorted vegetables

Special Fish Platter - $15.50

Filet of Tilapia in Chef's Special brown sauce

*Kung Pao 3 Seas - $15.50

Combination of wonderful shrimp, scallops and filet of fish in a classic Kung Pao sauce

*Dragon & Phoenix - $15.50

Mythical medley of shrimp & chicken

Peking Duck - $40.00

An ultimate in Chinese dining. Two course. (Please give 24 hour notice)

Low Carb Dishes

Dishes prepared with your health in mind

These dishes can be prepared to your diet specifications - steamed, stir-fried in olive oil, with or without salt, soy or spices.

Chicken Breast with Fresh Vegetables - $13.50

Beef with Fresh Vegetables - $14.50

Shrimp with Fresh Vegetables - $14.50


Jumbo Shrimp with Honey Glazed Walnuts - $15.50

Shrimp lightly breaded, coated with a creamy sauce & topped with honey glazed walnuts

Citrus Scallops - $15.95

Lightly fried scallops in a scrumptious lemon sauce

George's Bird Nest - $15.50

Shrimp, calamari, & scallops with Asian vegetables in garlic brown sauce nested in a noodle basket

Jumbo Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce - $14.95

Bell peppers & onions in Asian black bean sauce

Jumbo Garlic Shrimp or Scallops - $14.95

Water chestnuts & mushrooms simmered in a mild garlic sauce

Steamed Salmon in Black Bean Sauce - $21.95

Steamed with Asian black beans in garlic

Steamed Seabass with Ginger Garlic - $25.00

Steamed with ginger & garlic

*Jumbo Thai Curry Shrimp - $14.95

Shrimp with Thai curry sauce, green bell peppers, onions & a touch of coconut milk

*Jumbo Kung Pao Shrimp - $14.95

In Kung Pao sauce without peanuts

*Jumbo Firecracker Shrimp or Scallops - $15.50

With mushrooms & zucchini in a garlic & ginger sauce

*Jumbo Festival Shrimp - $14.95

Lightly breaded shrimp with snow peas in a sweet-sour-spicy aromatic sauce

*Jumbo Bangkok Spicy Shrimp - $14.95

Thai curry paste with bell pepper, bamboo shoots & basil in coconut milk

Beef & Pork

Mongolian Beef - $14.50

Sliced beef marinated in a tasty brown sauce with green scallion

Beef Broccoli  - $13.50

Sliced beef with broccoli in a garlic brown sauce

Beef Snow Peas - $14.50

Sliced beef with snow peas in a garlic brown sauce

Sizzling Black Pepper Beef - $14.50

Sauteed with peppers, onions & mushrooms with black pepper corns and served on a sizzling hot platter

Moo Shu Pork (4 Rolls) - $12.50

Pork, eggs, onions and cabbage rolled in Asian crepes

Pork with String Beans - $12.50

Crispy fresh string beans in a tasty brown sauce

Sweet & Pungent Pork - $12.50

A sweet and sour classic

*Pork in Black Bean Sauce - $12.50

Sauteed pork with garlic and hot chili peppers in a black bean sauce

*Kung Pao Beef - $14.50

Lightly breaded with a garlic, onion & chili pepper sauce

*Sauteed Spicy Beef - $13.50

Sauteed with green peppers & onions in Szechwan spicy sauce

*Firecracker Spicy Pork - $12.50

Shredded pork with carrot and celery julienne in a hot and spicy sauce

*Crispy Spicy Pork - $12.50

Shredded pork deep fried with spicy sauce


Citrus Chicken - $12.50

Chicken breast lightly fried in George's own lemon sauce

Sesame Chicken - $12.50

Chicken breast lightly fried in a garlic onion brown sauce

Orange Chicken - $12.50

Lightly fried chicken in a tangy orange sauce

Orange Chicken (Spicy) - $12.50

Lightly fried chicken in a spicy, tangy orange sauce

Mu Gu Gai Pan - $12.50

Chicken with mushrooms

Teriyaki Chicken - $12.50

Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce (dark meat)

Miona's Special Chicken - $13.50

Miona's own creation! A unique blend of sweet & pungent with a hint of spice

*General Yang's Chicken - $12.50

Lightly breaded in a sweet Szechwan sauce

*Thai Curry Chicken - $12.50

Chicken with Thai curry sauce, green bell peppers, onions and a touch of coconut milk

*Sun Devil Chicken - $12.50

Diced chicken sauteed with jalapeno peppers, garlic, & onions.

*Kung Pao Chicken - $12.50

In Kung Pao sauce without peanuts

*Thai Spicy Basil Chicken - $12.50

Chicken with fresh basil in a spicy Thai sauce

*Rangoon Chicken - $12.50

A Burmese national dish, simmered in onions, garlic & tamarin in Burmese seasoning. (Dark meat)


House Chow Mein - $13.95

Shrimp, chicken, pork & vegetable stir fried with soft noodles

Jumbo Shrimp Chow Mein - $13.95

Stir fried with soft noodles with shrimp

Chow Mein - $12.50

Choice of beef, chicken, pork or vegetables stir fried with soft noodles

Cantonese Chow Mein - $13.50

Stir fried over crispy noodles (Choice of shrimp, chicken, pork or vegetables)

House Chow Fun - $13.50

Shrimp, chicken, pork & vegetable over flat rice noodles

Singapore Rice Noodles - $13.50

Rice vermicelli with pork, shrimp & bean sprouts in a curry spice

Pad Thai - $13.50

Rice noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp, tofu & peanuts in a Thai sauce

Mandalay Nungyi Noodles - $12.50

Rice noodles with chicken, fresh onion, lemon & Burmese seasoning

Beef with Rice Noodles - $12.50

Flat rice noodles sauteed with beef & bean sprouts

Chef's Special Noodles - $12.50

Fresh thin egg noodles with chicken & bean sprouts

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